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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wedding Wonderings and a Worldwide Round Up..


Well you can't get older than a wearer of a pringle jumper... and well teneuous as this link has been, it's been very busy on the jump front. Perhaps its the queue to get half price easter eggs, or to grab the last Cadbury Creme Eggs of the year...

886 Chris Bradbury (Kings Lynn 5/3/11 and Taunton 6/3/11)
968 Mickey Brennan (NIR 16/4/11 and Buxton 25/4/11)
605 Liam Rowe (Taunton 20/3/11)
797 Dan Moss (Taunton 3/4/11)
126 Jamie Avery (Taunton 20/3/11)
830 Andrew Bennett (St Day 27/3/11)
921 Jack Aldridge (St Day 27/3/11)
710 Brett Townsend (Brum 26/3/11)

101 Kelvyn Whalley (Buxton 25/4/11)
359 Gary Wrench (Buxton 25/4/11)
305 Colin Gregg (Skegness 25/4/11)
725 Paul Broatch (Skegness 25/4/11)
785 Liam Deeble (Taunton 25/4/11)
438 Mike Rice (Taunton 25/4/11)
702 Allen Cooper (King's Lynn 23/4/11)
836 Dave Pannett (Skegness 22/4/11)


Coming to St Day on Sunday May 1st will be the Stoxblog Babes, including Shannon down below. Come and say hello, they don't bite, only if you ask nicely...


Isn't this wedding a bit like stock car....

The last time a red top was this close to a white top, his brother joined in and he got banned!

The aptly named Henry King (78) seems to think so...
"Is prince willy a down graded red top and he's only put a blue strip on tutu he will have to start at the back on the church"

4FS svengali Paul Brown and the Skeggy lot seemed to think so too at April Fool's Day, Stockies round the mall, what was he thinking...

So with the Royal Family and stock car racing fairly inbred in their choice of spouse, and tending to keep it in the family, question is who is next big F2 wedding.... Drivers tend to go for the sisters (in Norfolk they take this literaly) So girls if you want to bag yourself a prince red top, just get your brother to drive and get one of his mates!


Now every red blooded stock car fan has been talking about the lovely blushing brides and everyone remembers them. No-one wants to be the bridesmaid, just ask Chris Bradbury (886), he's still waiting for that Crown and for that gold roof to be joined with him in holy matrimony... However it was apparent that Phillippa Middleton was certainly not there to up stage, but she seems to have every male's attention, even to the point where Ftooz's head honcho Gary bestowed her the honorary title of Ftooz Maiden! Not quite Duchess of Cambridge though is it...

Trackstar's Trophy Totty had gone significantly down market
As Keith Lemon would say she's bang tidy...

He'd also say "If I don't seeya thru the week, I'll seeya thru the winda".



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