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Monday, 14 April 2014

Raceweek 7... the Dulux Colour Chart Cometh

Raceweek & saw me intending to go to Birmingham on Saturday, but alas work called me in to work at Truro which meant the slim hope I had became Bob Hope very rapidly...! But all eyes were on the SuperComputer to reguritate the big news...


Over 60 F2s contested their World Qualifier with heat one halted for two separate but simultaneous crashes which involved Micky Brennan (968) and Jack Aldridge (921) with leader Matt Brewer (206) pulling off on the restart allowing Ryan Hoskin (991) to win.  Another Western visitor triumphed in heat two with Ryan Wadling (476) on top this time after many of the reds and superstars hit trouble, a pattern that continued in the consolation where several big names retired and Brennan (who had done well to repair the heat one damage) crashed with Liam Rennie (3) and Jacklyn Ellis (915) on the last lap.  Brewer impressed again in the Final as he led to half distance with Sy Harraway (83) pursuing but as the yellow top made his move the pair tangled together and in their desperation to continue circulated for two laps neatly stuck together.  This virtually handed the win on a plate to Bradbury who showed marked improvement following a slightly lacklustre heat and consolation, before Brewer led again in the GN but was passed by Richard Stott (169) who took the spoils. Good Davard


Off to the whispered shires of West Row they came, for Tiddlywinks, as 45 drivers descended ever so quietly to Mildenhall for a World of Shale QR The First heat went the way of Oliver Ives (997) who is beginning to look the part. Daz Shaw (377) continued his rich vein of shale form by taking Heat 2. Paul Nicholson (198) took a brutal consolation. All eyes were on the final, and an untidy start saw a big pile up with Mark Thoms (150) taking the brunt of the attack. Once the complete restart got away both Ives and Mark Dorrill (449) traded blows, but Ives broke clear, and that was the way it stayed, with Graham Mole (145) who held second from Carl Issit (103)'s assualt. A tasty finish to the GN saw long time leader Daz Schenschall (376) hold for the new distance until Michael Lund (995) took over and take the chequered....


The Steel City Shaleway also got underway too. Sadly, only 20 cars turned up at Sheffield. Steve Mallinson (788) took a lively heat 1. Michael Lund (995) took another win in heat 2 capping off a cracking week for him which sees him rise to superstar.
The final was a brutal race, Rob Mitchell (905) using his shale experience to shift his way through the pack.  Sam Wagner (823) took the GN

Check out the full story from Mick here


So to the far nor o Scotland, where even the cows wear jumpers, as Crimond starts it biggest season since joining Brisca as it takes the Scottish Championship for the first time later this year. Just a dozen cars were there. For heat 1 winner Robbie Dawson (854) it was the equivalent of popping to Tesco's, and with the speed of popping in for the sunday papers, some haribo and a bottle of coke. Heat 2 saw His Gordyness (7) take a convincing win which he followed up with the final.Jason McDonald rounded out a decent day with a GN victory. Moodie was 3rd.


It was also World Qualifying day for the BriSCA F2s with a trip of blue tops piling up to halt the opener with Steve Smith(299) passing Marc Rowe(526) for the lead, these two then taken out in separate incidents which shook the order up completely and it was James Riggall (527) who emerged from the chaos for the win.  The second heat was stopped when Phil Trigg (521) chose to park on top of Ashley England (846) with Richard Stott(169) and Ryan Hoskin (991) taking turns up front but it was Chris Bradbury (886) who came through for the spoils.  Brett Constable (91) dropped out of the lead in the consolation and it was Rowe who led for most of the way but Kelvyn Whalley (101) bumpered him aside on the last lap to take the first win for his new car, before the Final saw a few stoppages plus Ryan Morgan (48) and Ryan Wadling (476) taking turns in the lead, but there was no denying Bradbury who made it two Final wins for the weekend, Dutch visitor Pieter van den Beek (H383) impressing all present by taking the GN on his track debut. Div Baddard


Career first win at last for PJ Moss (979) who finally got the breaks he needed and took the consolation. Some chuffed I reckon.

Cornish newcomer Tyla Keveth (428) showed his intent with a high placing in the heat, having taken the Jason Phillips (395) Randall to second in his heat. Tyla had a rough old start to the season, having written off his Matt Westaway (835) Randall following a throttle stick in practice at Taunton. Certainly one to watch if he doesn't go up this month

Now this is one of my many bete noirs, but the total disregard shown to our formula by Incarace/Spedeworth by restricting the bookings. This is our world qualifier, the biggest domestic meeting at ANY track. Considering the location of the track and that it was a solus tarmac meeting, the opportunity to have 80+ cars was there for the taking. Especially as it was coupled with the Hednesford qualifier. Also, to those not aware, the semi finalists start money is funded by every competitor in a qualifier contributing £6 just to enter. So if 20 drivers are turned away - that's £120 that doesn't go into the prize fund and has to be found somewhere else.  And it's not as though there is another one next week, for some drivers these qualifiers are the only way to get to the golden road. If they are prevented from doing a qualifier, then their chances are somewhat diminished. Maybe in the Sissystox,  where you race a single meeting and could end up in the World Final, but F2 is a much bigger beast, which seems to lost on some promoters.
Now I know the counter argument why restrictions were put in place, pit space. But why have the Brisca Minis as a unnecessary support. That's 30 spaces there. And if you needed another formula in or some entertainment, get Dave Goddard and Richard Sleeman to have a dance off ...  or one of the dull domestic formula you have there. Again, it's a question of fairness for all competitors and freedom to race in any qualifier that they wish too. Whilst it is the promoters right to refuse a booking, there has to be a just and right reason.
Next year, it's Incaworth's turn to host the world - I bet a Smart Price world final for what is seen in their eyes as a 3rd fiddle!Maybe the fellow promoters need to remind those who choose to restrict to perhaps restrict the amount of meetings they have....and that there are at the last count over 400 active F2 drivers in the UK, plus 300 on the continent.

Plus a note of caution. The scary mini roll that saw the car flip multiple times and land by the crash fence at Birmingham on Saturday night. Within moments pictures were all over social media, whilst the driver was ok, and it was a freak accident and no one was hurt, Mr Herbert Jobsworth from Her Maj's Elf n safety executive looks at it and lo, what's this, a health and safety inspection and more restrictions placed on us all. Birmingham is one of the better tracks for safety, and the bowl like format of the track means accidents like this are not the norm.

Don't give the jobsworth clipboard 'kers any ammo! Think before you post!

One thing has become clear with regard to Crimond. If there was a track halfway between there and Cowdie, it would have a rather large catchment area, as then both tracks would benefit from it. How can this be a full point meeting when some promotions (rhymes with utter dirth) use all in for 35/40 car meetings. Fairness again.

20 all in at Sheffield is a little disappointing, but this track doesn't get as many 2's as the other shale tracks, maybe 2 shale meets in a weekend is too much to play with? Bear in mind also - last week had a midweek shale meet although...

....Plaudits for Startrax - something new using Group On and the crowd was heaving, even more than when the tractor lovers there, said our reporter. Ideas like this although will lose some money in the short run, makes money in the long run!

With the F1's having the same WCQR it was interesting to see that at both Birmingham and Hednesford had the same final winner both days. Sir Robert of course, taking the tractor spoils

Right SuperComputer and myself will be having deep conversations and like Bruno Brookes, I'll be giving you the low down on who's up and down...

Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Madness of Mildenhall.... Tiddlywinks and greyhounds, anyone?

For our midweek article we hand the pages over to Manuela Stento, her off of FORDS and bucket shaking everywhere, and one of the main protagonists behind the Mildenhall petition.

A quiet scene at Mildenhall....

Save Mildenhall Stadium! screams the headline. Track under threat of closure because of complaints from the neighbours! Yet another one, you think. We’re so used to our tracks being under threat from developers, complaints and the HSE that ask the average racing fan to list them and chances are they’ll miss some. But this is different. Very, very different – and the difference is why you really should sit up and take notice.


In brief, the track’s been there since 1974, taken over by Ron and Dave Coventry (RDC Promotions) in 1993 after a short but critical break in racing. The track has planning permission and has always kept within its conditions of operation. It sits under the landing path of RAF Mildenhall, one of the busiest air bases in Europe a mile or so away. In 2006 a couple bought the house nearest the track, around a third of a mile away as the crow flies, the only house beyond the stadium on that road which becomes impassable by car shortly after. This means there is no other way to the house than past the stadium entrance, another crucial fact.
Those quiet B52's.....
And tonight's main event, the Tiddlywinks Consolation!
The Olympic Stadium isn't safe from noise abatement

The couple immediately began making complaints about noise from the track, claiming they bought the house unaware it was there. The estate agent who sold them the house and its previous owners have both made sworn statements that they were made aware of the track and its activities. RDC spent £70,000 on that lovely fence to help reduce noise. It’s also worth noting that in 30 years there have been no other complaints. In the meantime, the couple moved out of the house and it stood empty. It was destroyed by fire in 2010. Nevertheless, the couple took the case to court, seeking an injunction, and in 2011 they got it. A stay of execution was granted pending RDC’s appeal, which they won in March 2012.

But the pair took a counter-appeal to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land. After a two day hearing last November, the judgement handed down on 26th February 2014 by five eminent Judges unanimously went in the couple’s favour. These are the facts, as they say, and they are undisputed.

Now, it gets a little bit more subjective and a whole lot more interesting. The restrictions of the 2011 injunction were, in Dave Coventry’s words, “so severe that we wouldn’t be able to stage anything other than the quietest of things like tiddlywinks and greyhounds” hence the title of this piece. The case goes back to the original judge in May, when even if the injunction can be lifted the 7 figure costs could sink RDC anyway. It seems Mildenhall Stadium, RDC Promotions, and the Fen Tigers speedway, are doomed. All for one couple who don’t even live there any more. How can this be?

Legal technicalities: Coming to a nuisance, prescriptive right and planning permission

How indeed can this be? Surely the couple knew the stadium was there first and should have done their research properly? Surely a race track can’t be shut down for the sake of one complaint, when all other local residents and businesses support it? That, I’m afraid, is how the law stands. Google “coming to a nuisance” and you’ll find articles beginning “As every law student knows …” and continuing that it makes no difference if you come to the nuisance, you’re still entitled to live without nuisance. Sounds good. Until you come to a case like this one. Oh, and the children of Barlby Primary who can’t play ball games any more. And the people of Bromham who no longer have a bottle bank. How about the free range chicken farm faced with closure after a neighbour moved in 2 years ago and started to make complaints?

Prescriptive right means that if you can prove your activities have been causing a nuisance for 20 years, you have the right to carry on. Bear in mind you must prove that you’ve been causing a nuisance – proving you’ve been doing the activity is not enough. Mildenhall, 14 years continuous use before the complaint – that’s where that break in 1991 comes in. Chicken farm – 10 years before the complaint. West Ham will be moving into their new stadium in 2015, so they won’t have prescriptive right until 2035. You’d think having planning permission would allow you to carry on, but apparently planning permission cannot give you the right to be a nuisance. So what, exactly, are planning restrictions for?


It should already be clear that this judgement doesn’t just affect Mildenhall, and it doesn’t affect just motor racing. This is a devastating blow to chicken farms, schools and bottle banks. It’s going to affect everyone who makes a noise – music venues and pubs, football, rugby and cricket grounds, animal shelters and dog breeders, car repairers, distribution centres and haulage firms, and even church bells. Take it a step further and racers’ yards could be in trouble, as could the budget racer working on his car on his own driveway. Nothing and nobody is safe.

But there’s another whole level of issues, one which should be of grave concern to the Government. Who, in their right mind, will want to invest in building a new leisure facility or job-creating business in a country where they have no protection from this farcical law? Armed with planning permission and welcomed by the neighbours, thinking you’re safe, and then one house sale signals the end of it all. You’re left with a worthless piece of land where nobody else can build anything for fear of that one NIMBY, not even a children’s playground.

Ron and Dave Coventry bought Mildenhall in 2008, achieving their childhood dream. The announcement was greeted with enthusiasm in racing circles, as this would secure its future for racing. Shelby Coventry, born just a few weeks before this news was announced, had her whole future laid out in front of her. This couple is taking it away from her, backed by a law that makes no sense.

The law is wrong, and it needs to change.

The next step – because it’s not over yet!

A petition has been launched asking Parliament to intervene in this case but more importantly to change the law of nuisance. This must never be allowed to happen again. Of course people should still have the right to object if a new track is proposed at the bottom of their garden – but if the track was already there when they bought the house, they should accept it and not be able to get it shut down. Parliament makes the law, so it’s the only place left to go when the highest court in the land has spoken. Please see the RDC website for details of meetings where you can sign the paper version. If you can’t make it, there’s an online version too.

YOU CAN HELP by taking copies of the petition to collect signatures yourself, or collecting signatures at Mildenhall and Dover. Remember this is not just about racing so family, friends, customers, business associates and people who share other hobbies with you are also encouraged to give their support. For details please ring 01268 412299 (ideally 9.30am to 12.30pm Monday to Friday) or e-mail

JUNIORS are now also encouraged to help by writing to Mildenhall MP Matthew Hancock and their own MP, as they can’t sign the petition itself, and full details on how to do this are on the RDC website dedicated petition page

Together, we can save the world.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Raceweek 6 (and a half) Schoolnight Stocks...


So a cheeky holiday marketing of huge magnitude by the usually reserved Steve Rees and his Startrax promotions, meant for those mad fer it folk, it was all roads to Manchestaaaaaaarrrr....

40 F2 were present for what turned out to be a pleasant little trip, including visitors from far and wide, including Jay Tomkins (290) who certainly is getting the best out of his new Shale shifting Motorworld, and new returnee Cumbrian Pete McCallum (187).

So on to the racing, and taking full benefit of his blue roof and taking full advantage of the 4 day rule before the "instant" grade change he earnt at Stoke was Daz Shaw (377). He romped home in Heat 1, took the third heat as well, as a 2 out of 3 format was deployed. Oliver Iles (997) took heat 2, in what was seen by the untrained eye as a mistaken identity as many casual pundits gave the win to Dave Massey ... who finished 4th in the 977 car....

The final was as ever a lively affair, and the winner, if a Stoxnet refugee turned up and heard the result that Lund had won the final, then the excitement would have caused many a premature underpant impregnation. However it wasn't the infamous farmer John, or even the "other" John Lund but his boy Michael (995) with another impressive display and final win at Belle Vue.  Barry Goldin (401) continued his rich vein of shale form this year with 2nd place, and Matt Sayer (398) capping of a good evening with 3rd in the final.

Now I could use a pun that Daz cleaned up in the Grand National, but I shall not...

So, this midweek event certainly has had a knock on effect on the old points chart. Gonna be a busy weekend fending of "am I <insert grade here>" questions.....

Monday, 7 April 2014

Raceweek 6: Got the hump with a jump....

Soooo this the penultimate weekend before spray booths and paint are extracted, it was time for a spot of lumpy bumpy sideways action at Stoke, Cowdenbeath held its 5th meeting, whilst on the Sunday we headed to Barfbados, and a soggy Smeatharpe for Remembering Rog...


The rain stayed mostly away in from the "plains" of Stoke, as another trip to the Potteries to Startrax's super Stokeshaleaway. As if Steve Rees would probably call it. On the day of the Grand National, and a horse called Double 7 came in 3rd, this wasn't the case at Stoke. Daz Shaw (377) took heat 1 in fine fashion, and present purveyor of the golden stripe for World of Shale Champion Dave Massey (977) took the second heat. The Consolation went the way of Michael Lund (995). The final saw Shaw speed away into the lead with Chris Bradbury (886) tracking him. Lund took third.  The GN was Kruiz'ed to victory by Kyle Taylor (136) and Shaw came back to 3rd from his lap handicap. 


2 less than Paul Hardcastle, 1 more than Neil Sedaka's Sweet, as the number of cars remained at 17, for another Cowdenbeath. After a lacklustre performance by his own high standards, Gordon Moodie (7) set about setting the record straight, which he duly did in Heat 1. Flying yellow top Gregor Turner (391) held off the red charge in heat 2. The final was set up to be a classic, but with plenty of yellow flags, it became clear it was going to be another showdown between Moodie and Burgoyne as they hunted down Turner. The "purple" laps for fastest lap were trading every lap. Moodie would go quickest, Burgoyne would beat it and it progressed that way by getting faster and faster each lap. However it was the silver haired silver top who held out for the win. Turner took the national and he looks like very much joining the Scottish red top throng.


Hitchhikers nowadays!

Andrew Hingley was there....
"Barford 6th April. Not many here again today. In heat 1 Moodie got the jump on the rest of the reds and superstars but Rennie got him back and Moodie was unable to catch him back up. Young Broatchy got away away from everyone else to take the win with Rennie second and Moodie third. 722,3,7,187,16,960,725,766,301,233 In heat 2 Moodie got Rennie back early on which seemed to damage the handling of his car McCallum kept in front of the rest this time to take the win from young Broatchy. 187,722,7,233,725,16,652,184,64,766 Final next and McCallum stayed in front until about 3 laps to go when Moodie took over. Young Broatchy didn't let him get the win easily though, but Wallace made it past into third place. 7,187,16,722,725,960,64,652,233,184 The Gn was un-eventful really apart from Rennie getting hooked on Whitfield until the after the checkered had fallen when it appeared that young Broatchy had been disqualified from the result with some infringement with the height if the front bumper, but it appears that he was give then win after all. No result was given out for this race."


The 4th running of the Remembering Rog Trophy was under soggy weather, much like the previous runnings. Rog was probably laughing at everyone spinning around in the soggy conditions. Visitors came in the form of Brett Constable (91), Dave Polley (38) and Tom Adcroft (768) to go with the regulars of Linfield and Bradbury...

After a presentation of a commerative mug it was time to go racing. We are fortunate in the Westcountry to have plenty of lively whites, and this start of season has certainly brought with it a new broom to sweep a new air into it. Heat 1 was won by white top newbie Matt Brewer (206). He comes from racing stock - his father Chris (also 206) was somewhat of a master of the Cornish tracks before packing up. It looked like the whites were gonna shut out the majority of the cars, until Marc Rowe (526) and Shane Hector (528) had a disagreement which saw the Plymouthian go backwards into the Honiton Bend. Chris Bradbury (886) took a second...
Heat 2 saw some teasy payback from Ryan Hoskin (991) on Tom Clark (575) from previous misdemeanors at St Day....However with the rain, along comes rain dancer Matt Linfield, who skipped through the puddles alongside fellow regenmeister Richard Beere (254) who seemed to forget in the pits when talking about grades. Indeed these two took the points and one-2

The consolation was a star free zone, Hoskin took his second win at Smeatharpe this year, and Paul Rice (890) grabbing his best performance of the season so far.

The final lined up, and the weather took a bit more of a turn for the worse. The slippery conditions meant that it was always going to be a bit of struggle for the stars to catch. Gilbert drew pole, and got away to a flyer. Within in a few laps, he was almost at the back of the reds and a clear lead of over half a lap. As the Union Flag came out for halfway, Gilbert started to encounter back markers with scraps of their ow, which allowed the rapid Nathan Maidment (935) to get close to the Cornish youngster. However, with the lap boards coming out, the pair were caught up in a coming together on turn 4 which caused a bit of high side and low side action, which allowed Bradbury to catch up. Yellow flags were then brought out. Gilbert led with 2 to go, from Bradbury and then Maidment, as inbetween Bradbury was back marker Mike Rice (438). As the cars began to enter the corner, Gilbert broke from the pack. Bradbury followed, with Mr Starter showing the yellow flag high up, deemed he wasn't happy, and as the cars exited the apex, the green was shown. The next 2 laps were immaterial as they crossed the line, some angry remonstrations from Chris Bradbury, backed up in fairness by Steve Gilbert. A long awaited Pringle for Mr Bradbury (eh Richie) but not entirely justified. Nathan Maidment took 2nd, and Bradderz demoted to third. A career first final win for Gilbert which means a stop at yellow before the big jump to Superstar come May.

Steve Gilbert was suitably philosophical in the pits and considered himself fortunate to win, as it was his jump that caused Bradbury to do so.

Bradders seemingly wasn't too happy to give a quote in the pits, a little bit unhappy was an understatement. "No quotes from me" said Bradders. Ummm.....

The GN was a litle less controversial affair as Adcroft and Paul Rice tangled early doors, and an ealry yellow allowed Bradbury to right his wrongs and take the GN.


Confusion reigned supreme in the final at Taunton. Bradders jump aside, Lively confirmed that it was green then 2. So imagine the confusion when I looked at the last bend and Bradders moved past Gilbert to take the win, only to be greeted with the 1 to go! Perhaps, Madame Starter Sammy Bunt could do her ring girl thing at Taunton too...(she's not on the flags at Taunton).

It was calendar reunited as both Alana and Becky, the soaked April calendar girls were in the pits causing mischief with Sophie Priddle... 

Richie Mead (596) was absent being a stunt double for Kiefer Sutherland or something like that. However once his compadre Bradderz got docked, he was the first to offer his comiserations. Or something like that!

Speaking of which, its about time restarts were looked at. When there are back markers in the way, it creates a sense of a lead, but they reluctantly don't want to be there.
Steve Gilbert did go first, and Bradders was between a rock and a hard place. If he stays behind, Gilbert gets a dream start, and maybe the win, especially with the number of laps left. Or does he follow the leader and go with him and run the risk of invoking the steward's ire by passing a car before the green.
Mike Rice did not want to be the meat in the sandwich and elected to go off the racing line. Maybe they should invoke a NASCAR style outside line for those a lap down. Or even a clutch start for restarts? It certainly needs looking at and saves any embarrassment. The fact is it was a faulty start, both lead cars broke the pack, yet only one was penalised. It also was a very late green, which signals doubt in the stewards mind. Personally, I would have held the yellow and sent them round again, whilst giving Gilbert a ticking off for going too early. Maybe painted lines on the track or a marker - once you hit that, the green is dropped, if your past it, then you get docked. Something for those to consider...

It was a weekend of power cuts... First Stoke, no surprises there at all...anyone who red my report from 2011 knows that the lights and or PA is often down there. Then at the Racewall, Eddie Paterson, he of immortal video fame found his PA feed some what severed. Cue emergency repairs from ex F2 driver Tam McGarva. And finally, at Taunton of all places, whilst they were tractoring off the stricken cars of Tom Adcroft and Paul Rice, the power went off killing the PA. Fat Boy Slim's "Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat" was playing and perhaps a disgruntled dad killed the music by cutting the power. "Bloody racket!!!" A trick my old man used to do! Anyways the crowd were informed of what was happening by the whispered hush dulcet tones of marshall Sharna "The Noise" Stone....

Anyone got 50p for the meter????

Mini road trip a coming!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Northampton: A Statement from Spedeworth/Incarace. UPDATE

Check you J-ho Calendars folks (yes I know yesterday doesn't exist)

Don't you feel a bit of tool eh?

My thanks to Dave Goddard, who came up with the idea and concept...

Northampton: A Statement from Spedeworth/Incarace

News comes in from Incaworth Towers of some more rebranding to the legendary Northamptonshire circuit....

Plenty of action at the rear at Primo Energy Northampton International Stadium

"Pr1mo Energy Drink have announced increased branding of Northampton International Raceway for the remainder of the 2014 season, including a slight change of name for the venue.

New directors visited the Brafield venue during March’s opening meetings and the raceway will be known in future as Pr1mo Energy Northampton International Stadium, with increased advertising across Northamptonshire designed to promote racing at the historic venue to a new audience.

The rebranding is the brainchild of new Pr1mo company directors Jonathan Dick, Peter Willey and Justin Cox, plus Italian representative Antonio Fellatio and even backing from Australian touring car legend Dick Johnson.  Willey said in a statement released on April 1st: “We feel the rebranding of the stadium to PENIS will give us a stiffer presence in the local community and prick the conscience of existing race fans and newcomers alike as to the excellent action present at the venue.”

Add caption
New developments at PENIS include a new erection on the back straight to keep spectators dry, a new food and drink outlet entitled the PENIS Bar and new championships to be fought out including the Cock of the Midlands Championship and the Gold PENIS Trophy – formulas to be announced.  The first title however will be for the BriSCA F2s when Autospeed visit for the Good Friday meeting, when the Final will be for the Purple Helmet Trophy.

Johnson will also have cars from his illustrious career on display at the venue in the summer.  “I hope it won’t be too hard on my tight schedule” Johnson commented ahead of these special appearances.

More info will be available when the new PENIS branding is launched at the Banger World Series round on Sunday April 6th"