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Tonight It's All About


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Monday, 20 October 2014

Raceweek 33 & 34 - Belated Roundup!

Another weekend of racing passes (and due to my Downforce commitments this week, apologies for my lateness) and another we are entering. One of the last titles of the year is up for grabs - The Ben Fund Trophy and some glittering silverware.



Your regular service of 3 race wins for Sir Gordon (7) was chewed up in the national as Robbie Dawson (854) took the national...


Over to the Potteries.  Martin Ford (19) and Chris Mitchell (219) took the heats and Kyle Taylor (136) took the consolation before Carl Issit (103) took another final on the loose stuff this year.

So with the sound of the Wurzels and the last taste of scrumpystox, as Bristol played host to its last 2014 offering. But it also played host to the Benevolent Fund Trophy. A decent turn out for Bristol of 36 cars saw visitors in the form of Moodie and Macmillan, and Wagner from way up north!

After Lee Morgan (745) took the Rookie's Reward, it was on to the meeting proper. First up was the title race- open to the stars, but alas not a brillant turn out of the stellar folks....

So after Treasurer, Sharon Blood, gave them their starters orders, they were underway, albeit breifly, as Paul Moss (979) and a few others spun halfway down the start bringing out the reds. Come the restart, Sy Harraway (83) sped into the lead. He was pursued by world champ George Macmillan (S1), Gordon Moodie (7), Chris Bradbury (886) and Neil Hooper (676). Having caught and dispensed with Harraway, a stellar battle between the big guns took place. Bumpers flying in and a decent scrap developed with hits trading every corner, proper stock car racing!

After Moodie went in hard on Bradbury, he returned the favour and ended up spinning himself, taking no 1 and 2 in the points, a lap down and in the middle respectively. Come the restart, it was Macmillan that led away from Hooper and the pair continued to track each other, however it was those two that battled to the flag, with the newly crowned World Champion adding the magnificent Rosebowl to the title - a title his father won back to back in 1989 and 1990. Hooper took a good second from a great drive, albeit someway back, from Jamie Avery (126) in 3rd.

The second heat was a less lively affair, and it was also a little light in numbers - so a Top 8 was placed with Danny Withers (437) taking the win.

The consolation became the Bradbury show, a rarity indeed for Bradbury and for Bristol nowadays, saw him take a faultless win at a canter.

Morgan and Withers led the charge in the final until clash in the mid grid mid race saw Harraway facing the oncoming traffic. It was always going to be a matter of time before someone hit the car, and that they did. Gary Sillifant (627) being the unlucky driver. With the yellow flags, brought the same stellar battle now with added Justin Fisher (315). Bradders passed Moodie clean, and Moodie then rode into the wall with Bradbury, not once but twice, and those who know the usually smooth and fair driver, is not one to be messed with. Like Bruce Banner, you wouldn't like him when he's angry, just ask Mike James! The hits previously given by Moodie were only going to end in one outcome, as Bradbury latched on the #7 car and fired him straight in, sadly in the way of innocent bystander Justin Fisher (315). With Fisher needing medical attention, and the hoo-hah that followed with disqualification for 886, and a cause of the stoppage for Moodie. However, after the necessary admonishments it was back to the race. Gaining full advantage of the spat was Neil Hooper (676) who got the better of Macmillan this time, but not without a fight, but surprisingly a first final win for Hooper this season.
Back in the pits, the Justin Fisher car was in a poor state of repair, and Justin admitted he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Had he not been involved I doubt the incident would have warranted sanctions on either driver.

So with both star attractions on the trailer, the GN was a subdued affair, it was a second win for Danny Withers (437) who sped away in to the distance.



With Gordon Moodie (7) on one of his missionaries to the east (see below) the mice did play at Cowdenbeath.After Gregor Turner (391) took the WY Championship, there were heat wins for Chris Burgoyne (647) and Robbie Dawson (854). Dawson then took another final and Craig Wallace rounded out the Moodie free night with a win in the National.


Over at the East Coast, a mini Scottish invasion was the key as both Moodie and MacMillan brought an extra shine to the grid. However it was Mike Green (115) who took Heat 1, with Moodie and GeoMac taking 1-2's in heat 2 and the final. MacMillan then took the gold roof to victory lane yet again taking the GN.


So the final trip through the Valley of Windmills, to a spot of Cornish racing at the United Downs Raceway. A 2 out of 3 format was deployed with heat 1 doubling up as the Cornish Whites and Yellows Championship, which to add to the Devonian version, it was won by Tom Clark (575) to make it a double. Come the heats it was the returning Liam Rowe (605) who had spent the previous couple of months doing up a house and getting closer to the Jho family (he's dating my cousin!), taking the 2nd heat and rapid blue top Sy Harraway (83) holding off Rowe in the 3rd heat. Come the final it was the most prestigous of domestic trophies up for grabs, The Old Motorcycle Trophy, bought for £100 back in the mid 50's, and presented to Autospeed back in the 1970's. A veritable who's who of racing, it's been raced for from St Austell, Newton Abbot, Taunton, Ringwood, St Columb and St Day.

With £25 a lap on offer, the whites set about themselves, however it was Ben Hissit (776) in a debut visit to Cornwall, who led the first 7 laps in the Neil Langworthy (740) car. After,  an early mid Cornwall charge from Jay Tonkin (290) and Dale "Moves like Jagger" Moon (302), Jamie Avery (126) broke from the blues and looked to possibly take his second final at St Day this season. With Hooper behind and looking to possibly threaten come the end, the lap boards came out the Avery car appeared to slow going into the Turnstile bend, which allowed Hoops to swoop and taking the trophy for the 3rd time in 3 years. Former winner, Mike Nancekivell was on hand to present the trophy, although at his 6ft plus frame, he towered over everyone. So 2 finals in 2 weeks for Hooper, 3 in a row?

James Rygor (783) sealed the track championship for the 2nd season in a row with a win.

Nic Eastwood reports

12 cars were on the grid for the Buxton Whites & Yellows on 12th October, 359 Gary Wrench got off to a good start and bumpers were going in throughout the field from all competitors, by lap 7 they had spread out a bit with 359 still in a good lead with 578 Mark Gibbs closing up, a misfire was heard from the 359 car and this may have started to hamper his progress, lap 11 and it was 359, 578 and 604 Jamie Conway, by lap 13 578 had took the lead from 359 and 604 in 3rd, 

604 challenged for the second place and at the chequered it was 578, 604 and 359, a good race throughout with 578 Mark Gibbs enjoying the win at his local track, thanks go to Yokohama for providing tyres as prizes and BS Electrical for contributing 
to the prize fund.

15 cars were in attendance for the meeting proper which then went into a normal.Two Heats and Final format, Heat 1 was won by a very quick 604 Jamie Conway, Heat 2 was won by popular local 101 Kelvyn Whalley. The meeting Final was won by blue top Buxton regular 581 Dan Fallows, 
second place was 101 and 913 Pete Bartram third, also awarded after the Final was the Stuart Swales White Top Award which was won by 132 Dan Birkin, the Grand National was contested by 13 cars and was won by 101, 618 Ben Lockwood did his last few yards onto the turn 3 fence on his two left wheels, This event rounds off an excellent season of BriSCA F2 racing at Buxton Raceway,not present today but winner of the track championship is 968 Mickey Brennan, many thanks to all the drivers that have raced with us this season we hope you will be back in 2015.


14 cars took to the track at Barford, at a track which has been haemorraging drivers this season. After the "Race of Real Champions" which was won by Paul Prest (49) who also took the 1st heat. Heat 2 was won by Gordon Moodie (7), and the Scotsman took the final at a canter from Prest and the Zetec powered Liam Rennie (3). Rennie was to make history as the Zetec took its first win


Over to Madchester for a spot of mad fer it stock car action on a late Sunday afternoon. With many drivers in attendance and the added bonus of a Shoot Our round for the tractors it was time to put on a good show. Heat 1 went the way of Luke Branston (741) who avoided everyone elses pickles to take the chequered (see what I did there). Tony Blackburn (225) took heat 2, before Rob Mitchell (905) took heat 3 and then supersized his win with a final win. Kyle Taylor (136) won the GN.


A cracking show of comradery as Phil Mann (53), Justin Fisher (315), Paul Moss (979) et al, when the cars were crashed, everyone helped. Just makes you proud to be in this close knit community.

Again, a poor call by the Bristol steward saw Sy Harraway (83) pointing the wrong way at the fastest point of the track. In a meeting which was to the benefit the charity that supports the drivers when injured, maybe a more enthused performance could have avoided unnecessary damage and potential for injury. After the last meeting saw 2 drivers carted of in the ambulance, something needs to be done. Whether it is retraining, additional stewards (whole track visibility is a problem) something needs to be done
I don't like being critical of stewards, but again sometimes it needs to happen up and down the country, but a lack of clinical consistency is ruining the sport.
Like a football referee, they can't have their eyes everywhere, but its down to the other officials to be their eyes and to be on the radio. Like every football phone in I've ever heard, what the drivers, fans and officials want is consistency. Again the follow in...!
Another 3/4 drivers with battered to the point of being wrecked cars or with bad backs the following day. EVERY effort must be made by the officials to make sure that driver safety is paramount, and that the very clear difference that machinery is more than a scrapyard banger and a cider rod.
Also , and this is not anti Moodie, just pro rules, if a driver has suspension hanging over him, and a misdemeanor occurs, i.e is loaded up, what triggers off the suspension? Much more clarity required from the current foggy conditions that prevail diciplinary matters 

Congratulations to Superstox's Steve Jackson (376) who took his third Spudworth World Title at Wimbledon on Sunday night. A great race, a rarity in the supers according to experts who were there. However, the crowd was a little disappointing, and the mighty Plough Lane, Wimbledon, is just waiting for the inevitable redevelopment which is very much on the cards. Now, if only the Supers and F2 could come together....

Stay tuned for a points of order state of the nation address coming very will be lively.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Raceweek 32 - Outside the Headmaster's Office

So a spot of the four corners covers as we went north, south, east and west for more post World goings on....


Another Mildenhall meeting for the shale boys and another cracking set of races. In the in house whites and yellows final, Andy Gibbs (431) took the win. Andrew Palmer (606) reminded everyone in heat 2 that he is still one of the men on shale. Steve North (372) took the consolation - he is getting a bit of habit of winning those. However it was purple top Ollie "Jaguar" Skeels (124) who took top honours in the final, from veteran Carl Issit (103) and Ben Kerry (842). Martin Ford (19) continued his rich form in the GN.

A restricted entry and a much shortened format, saw 3 races for the Brisca F2's at King's Lynn. Following on from the night before Palmer took the "heat", leaving old Granville himself Sam Wagner (823) open all hours to the victory. Daz Shaw (377) fresh from his Cowdie world ride free ride took the GN at 18:20pm. Almost in the gloaming darkness - 4 hours from heat to finish. Far too long!


A rare visit for his Gordyness south of the border to the hills of Buxton was a welcome addition to the Rebels' Worldwide Rebellion meeting - or World Final as us non hoppy weirdos with delusions of grandeur call it. After a heat wins for Daniel Fallows (581) and Kelvyn Whalley (101), it was Moodie who took full advantage of an angry clash of regular final winners at Hi Edge, Whalley and Richard Bowyer (761) which included some ramming that even Mr M might have applauded. However, looks likely that they will be both be up before the beak at some point. Moodie took the win, and the GN was won by Daniel Fallows


So another good turnout at Taunton, and everyone was talking about the gold. For Steve Gilbert (542) it was in a spare borrowed engine after his went bang spectacularly. With the standard nearly 40 cars in the pits (other promotions take note- this will be the highest average for tarmac this season), and the conclusion with the whites and yellows championship run as heat 1. Courtney Finnikin (55) came down to play again and sped away into an early lead, however an early caution saw Tom Clark (575) take the lead and wasn't challenged much after that. With most of the Whites and Yellows in the first heat, the second heat was much more lively, with a field of Bradbury, Hooper and Rygor, it was always going to be lively. Sy Harraway (83) led the race until Hooper dispensed with Rygor in the pit bend after a good 3 way star tussle The 783 car was out of the racing line, however flames started to appear from the air filter, which brought out the yellows. Bradbury then swooped for the lead, taking Hooper with him. Rygor made a mends with victory in the Consolation - his first as a former world champion.

All eyes were on the final for the Dave Wilson Memorial Trophy and Steve Rich Memorial Trophy. After Julian Coombes (828) took an early lead, Jamie Beere (954) swooped in behind as an early yellow was brought out for Smokey Issacs (937) who was broadside down the back straight. After another yellow for Sy Harraway (83), the stars were beginning to swoop. Bradbury inheirited the lead from Beere, and Rygor hen moved into second. However, there was the mother of all scraps for 3rd, with up to 6 drivers getting in the mix, all in good jest. Nathan Maidment (935) produced a best finish at Taunton for some time, celebrating with some donuts. Some truly awesome stuff.

The GN was to raise the bar, and in some cases, cross the line, however, with an absolute packed grid, the GN was never going to be a quiet race. It became a shoot out for the St John's Ambulance Shield between Danny Withers (437) and Courtney Finnikin (55). Withers took the lead, but behind him, cars spun and clashed dramatically, with some feuds reignited
An angry clash between Nathan Maidment (935) and Matt Stoneman (127) saw Stoneman remonstrate with the TART, in the form of part angry hootenanny dance and imaginary fire fighter under the caution. This caution allowed Bradbury to be on the same lap - he was 4th on the road, such was the brutal nature of the race, however with many backmarkers and incidents to negotiate, it was little surprise that the 886 car took a maximum - a second of the season for him.

So a maximum for Bradbury and another on one of his favourite haunts

Blowjobs. It's season game over for the aforementioned Clark, who's engine let go spectacularly, and is another driver waiting to see if the rules can be thrashed out ready to go...

The old chestnut of restricted entries reared its head again. King's Lynn not only restricted the entries to a third of the cars that would have raced there unrestricted. Not only that, the white and yellows championship that was scheduled for this meeting also has been shelved for the Christmas meeting!!! A promoter should know how many cars his track attracts - Kings Lynn is consistently one of the best for attendance and driver satisfaction, so over subscribing the support formula isn't going to stand them in good stead. Having only 3 races made it a bit of wasted journey for some. Again, perhaps next year, drop it?

Finally - another £400 quid or so in the kitty for the calendar, bringing the total up to around £2500! Awesomeness peeps - will also be on sale this Sunday at Bristol at the Ben Fund meeting which is looking like a cracker....

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Raceweek 31.... back to Normality

So after the Cowdie broo haha, for man it was time to get back to normal. Howevere, there was the small matter of the F1 WF Weekend, which the F2 play a supporting role, and the return to something normality up in the country of Scotland, which is part of the United Kingdom, for the time being.


So along with the clogwearing fraternity of tractor drivers, the F2's were invited to play on the hallowed shale of Brandon. Lee Clement (158) took the first heat, and on his return to a more familar car and surface, fresh from his World Final debut Kyle Taylor (136) took the 2nd heat. Consolation king Simon Farrington (259) won that, and it was Lee Cooke (295) who took a career first final from Sjend van Smidt (H218) and the Tuther Mitchell (219). Chris Bradbury (886) rounded out the night with a GN win.


So with half the crowd, and minus the new World Champ the post indy ref Scotland was not greeted with a brave new world, as Gordon dominated taking both heats and final.  He even got back to second in the GN, however Liam Rennie (3) put the brakes on the Moodie max.


Crimond for the final time this season and after a win each for the Kelly Bros Graham and Stuart, it was Jason MacDonald (387) who took another Crimond final, rounding out a successful season in the northern outpost. Graham Kelly took the GN, but it was Robbie Dawson (854) who took the track championship, fresh from being diddled numerous times last weekend.


So again, another opportunity to play 2nd fiddle to the Ones, this time at the traditional after party at Northampton. After a win for Pete Bartram (913) and Luke Wrench (560), and the gorgeously turned out car of AJ Thompson (717) took the consolation. Final time and a quite busy track saw Wrench hit the front and wasn't challenged. A return to red for Wrench, not without time! The meeting was rounded off by Mike Green (115) taking the GN.


Congratulations to former F2 driver Craig Finnikin (ex955) in the F1 World Final. Another golden dynasty has been born to go with the Wainmans and Smiths, following in Bert's footsteps.


Monday, 22 September 2014

F2WF14 Epilogue - By George I Think He's Done It!

Well, what a weekend that was. Sorry for the delay on this report, but man alive, what a weekend, what an atmosphere, what a show! It'll take me a full year to recover, and I'll tell you this, Scotland, I'll be back sooner than 4 years time!

So, with the backdrop with all eyes on Scotland, with referenda, Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cups all eyes are Scotland. And the F2 world was no exception, as the world and his wife, descended into the Kingdom of Fife, at to the mecca of Scottish stock car racing - the Racewall

I arrived, with the calendar entourage at around 11:30am on Friday morning to be greeted by the old stadium looking spin and span, with some finishing touches being added. The Grandstand looked imperious and the temporary grandstand gave you an awesome view.

Someone described it as Scotland's Colosseum - they wouldn't be too wrong


With it being 12 years in the making and having the Saloon World as a "test" event last year, Cowdenbeath put on a magnificent show. Prior to the meeting itself, using online ticket sales, and utilising social and print media to its fullest, GMP were determined to make the show look good. With a grandstand funded by the local council and tourism board (a truly great resource used to its fullest potential) it certainly proves that the resources are there to be used, and if your willing to submit the necessary time and effort, additional rewards can be gained.

Now, last year I did mention the on track meet the drivers show which I last witnessed back in 1989 would be a nice touch. And that it was. Giving the fans unbridled access to their cars and the drivers, and giving the kiddies a nice poster of all the world finalists, for them to sign. It made every driver from Moodie, Speak and Bradbury et al feel like a superstar, even the shale drivers getting their first taste of a world final. And of course there was Abi and Sammy, complete in racer girl outfits getting autographed on their bodies with sharpies wasn't the best idea!

With the pre race build up at fever pitch, the big race was race 9, one of the latest I have seen in the programme for a long long while (I'd have it even later if I was in charge - see points of order), people were clamouring and chomping at the bit to get it on. The drivers had been told to get ready in grid order - with Helen Kaleta and Crispen Rosevear sorting the cars into order so that they came on track at the right time. Then the lights went out. Intentionally. As a single spotlight, was shown on the pit gate and the competitors came out, through dry ice. Pure theatre, with everyone applauded. Then Speak, then Moodie. Pure pantomime. With everyone on track and assembled, it was go time. Richard Kaleta, the "host" of the show, mentioned those immortal words, and the floodlights came on. Dramatic stuff, and the cars set off on 2 rolling laps, led by VW Golfs!

As they got away for the first time, it was Chris Bradbury who led to the flag, however the reds came out almost instantaneously as Jan Bekkers (B96) Daz Shaw (377), Kyle Taylor (136) and Martin Ford (19) found themselves a part of autoscuplture on the pit bend. With about 8 cars failing to make the restart, the main beneficiary was Gordon Moodie (7) who jumped up the grid only a row, but nearer to the pack.

Come the restart, Josh Coleman (615) led them away this time, persued by Goldin, Bradbury and Speak. Moodie rapidly shot up behind the Speak car. Speak had already gone sideways into the wall at the restart, but Moodie was swiftly on his back bumper, and dispensed with him into the town bend. However Moodie rode in with Speak, and Speak using tactics straight out of the "Wacky Racers" stomped on the brakes, stopping the 7 car in its progress.

The race then settled down. Bradbury, Goldin and Macmillan and Dawson leading the pack. Goldin went into the lead and started to pull a gap on the cars in front. Meanwhile further back, Moodie was cutting through the traffic and setting about getting back on terms. Macmillan then past Bradbury for 2nd as behind, charging westcountrymen Steve Gilbert (542) and Nathan Maidment (935) were carving through the field holding their own. As halfway flag came out, Goldin led from Macmillan by about a 1/4 of a lap. Goldin was finding it hard to dispense with the traffic, and the 100 car inched towards the 401 machine. Then, bang! Cornishman Gilbert's expired on the pit bend and that was game over for him. The following lap though, Goldin went in, slid in and found himself in a large accident which took most of the remaining field out. Goldin was out of the race, and also out for the count, as some concern surrounded the former World Champion. Goldin can consider himself to be very unlucky, a second title was there for the taking, but that, as they say, is stock car racing, and it why we love the sport.

So for the second year in a row, George Macmillan, restarted the race in the lead. Behind him, some confusion as first Robbie Dawson (854) had overtook Bradbury, only to demoted not only to 3rd but to 4th. Then the backmarkers came in to give some breathing space, as Moodie now was in 3rd, and looking very, very dangerous. As the pace car pulled off, the grid slowed to a crawl, leaving Macmillan, backmarker Dougie Kinrade (IOM164) and Bradbury. The Scot got a perfect restart, and pulled a good 3 cars clear. Meanwhile, as the boards came out Moodie had swooped on the 886 car and moved him wide. With 3 laps to go, the unthinkable couldn't happen this year surely. Greeting the one lap board this time, George had a clear track ahead, and a clear track behind, Moodie a good 3 car lengths away. The Racewall Roar greeted the chequered flag and I don't think there has been a more popular winner in recent times, as the S100 car crossed the line.


Video courtesy of David Allan

In the immediate joy all round, cheers all round. A Scottish one-two and champ we could all cheer. As the S100 car pulled into victory lane, his entourage and wellwishers spilled onto the track to celebrate the champ, as everyone congratulated the new champ, total disbelief was the order of the day as Geomac climbed on top of his car to wave to his fans, complete with orange Mac100 t shirt on. All the great and good, As he had many laps on honour on the Burgoyne break down wagon, the guard of honour for the new champ in the pits and applause and adulation was cranked up another notch. The sheer disbelief was mixed with pure joy, all around, from Scully, to sisters Lyn and Liz and the celebrations carried on well into the night.

For me, it is a great win. One of stock cars nice guys, George and his family has been dealt some awful luck over the past couple of years. Disillusionment at the start of 2012 saw George temporarily join the throng of Spedeworth, however the light was seen and he was back on the grid for the consi semi final at Barford which he duly won, only a few weeks after losing his father. To then cross the line 3rd in the big race only to have taken away on an infringment. This was also after losing the British with engine troubles that year. Then in 2013, he led right up to the last corner at Bristol in the semi finals, after passing Speaky, only to trip over James Rygor (783). Then we all know what happened in the World Final last year. He was quickly becoming a parody, a bit like Unlucky Alf on the Fast Show, so for all that bad luck, good luck was bound to follow. A dream ending to a bloke who truly deserves the world title - only one question George, Korev or Rattler????

Friday night saw Sam Wagner (823) take the consolation semi, which saw many of the fancied runners fall by the wayside, including Burgoyne. Marc Fortune (64) took the heat, with Craig Wallace (16) taking the Consolation, and then Liam Rennie (3) taking the final. On Saturday night, Wallace and Chris Burgoyne (647) took the heats, the consolation went the way of Stephen Forster (652). Bobby Griffin (866) taking the Alan Benson Trophy, in only the 2nd of 2 English winners over the weekend. The Sunday session saw Wallace and Rennie take the heats, a rare win for Garry Sime (480) in the consi, before Rennie took the final and Gordon, the GN. It was Cowdie after all!


The only criticisms I've got are minor points. The starts are horrendous up here. They might as well be a closed grid. Whilst the pace car keeps the pace, everyone does not keep the gaps. There were some races where reds were in the middle of the blues - and not just your run of the mill red, superstars!!! Lets see a few pringles please Cowdie!
Both evening meetings fell foul of the curfew. With championship races they can take a small age to run, so perhaps, if next year's meeting is under curfew, (and if it is to be Hednesford then they have a curfew on the Sunday aswell!), have a few appetisers, and leave us with the main course. No dessert required, cos lets face it, after the world everything is an anticlimax.
If I didn't have calendars to sell, I doubt I would have gone on Sunday. It just felt a little flat, and perhaps another championship, maybe for the saloons, would have been better to keep the interest there. The World Revenge wasn't mentioned once, and it didn't seem to have the same prize fund as the previous year, which is a shame really, which, despite the awful weather that befell last year, worked!
I'm also not a fan of the Heritage. These big old jalopies should not be on big meetings. Plus I'd like to see the next generation- the custom builts, the 1300 era. These original heritage cars should be preserved and not raced!
Scottish Food.... I love it. I think it's the first time I've had the options of noodles from a Burger van since an ill advised festival choice back in the day, but after 2 scotch pies - yum, a Scottish breakfast - tatty scones and lorne sausage, all washed down with Irn-Bru and Red Cola.... the stuff that is smuggled to Skegness every year for that well known Scottish asylum seeker, Paul Brown! Sadly, I didn't have the stomach for the stomach of a haggis, and didn't go to a chippy - which I should have done - the chips up here are something else!

It would be remiss of me to not to put through a few thank yous with regard to the stall. Firstly, to the Racewall staff for assisting us with the set up.From the owners, the Brewsters, and Dave Borthwick, to the guy that changes and empties the bins, we were made to feel most welcome. A fantastic effort. Yes, it took a while to set up on the Friday night, but we got a stall up and running, run by myself, Dave Trickey, calendar girls Abi Coombes and Madame Starter Sammy Brenton(who was on flag duties as well at Cowdie), James Brenton, saloon driver and chip abuser Ben Goddard, Racewall Racing Doll, Ashleigh Reid and her fella Niall, and her girls Shawnni and Jodie, and also to Jacklyn Ellis and Liam Bentham - that boy can sell sell sell! Neil Hooper and Dave Polley for borrowing tables and Team MiniMossy for transporting the gazebo. And to those who bought the calendar or gave donations - THANK YOU! Initial counts put the figure around £2000 which truly is fantastic!

So Macmillan was a winner all round!

Friday, 12 September 2014

F2WF14 --- 1 Day to Go

We all know the story of last year
When folk came to Smeatharpe to give em a cheer
The legends of the black mightly crashed
And left with both reputations abashed
George took to the front and it looked all but certain
But spinning Dutchman prematurely closed his curtain
The charge into the corner, as 3 cars went in
The one in third coming out with a grin
The title grabbed by a tiger's pounce
This year will it be two on the bounce?
Cowdenbeath decides for whom the bell tolls
For a crowd more divided than the independence poll
From the ramming of Taunton, to PJ's World Tour
All this Speak Moodie talk is becoming a bore...
For the non ban for Gordon's Donuts
Just fuels the fire for the Anyone Buts
Reputations are made and also fall
When you race around that dreaded wall
So enough of the debate and first corner jokes.
The green flag is down...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

F2WF14 - 3 and 2 days to go - Calendar Stories.....

Friday sees the official launch of the 2015 Jho Brisca F2 Charity Calendar in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support at Cowdenbeath. Last year saw over £1500 raised for this worthy cause, in one of the other talking points of the 2013 World Final Weekend, besides that race, and him and him...

The 2014 calendar has adorned garages, workplaces, kitchens and race controls alike, and well, despite the fact it only had 363 days on it (I'm led to believe that Dorestians don't believe in the 31st March or 30th April).

So if you remember last year had it's trials and tribulations. So you'd think that luck would be kind and that 2015 would be a breeze... yeah right! Last year we were very fortunate with the semi final locations, meaning that any last minute shoots could be done at the semi finals at Bristol. This year, I knew I had to get a better geographical spread and with that geographical problems befell me, being 70 miles from Land's End! So a few roadtrips and photographers needed to be contacted.

With the best of intentions, I set about trying to shoot as much as I could as early as I could. But as you know, the road to hell is paved with them. I was approached by a few ladies who were based around Essex and were willing to go to the Arena Essex and do their thing. Unfortunately, both girls had to pull out at the last minute, saving me a journey on the Britain's biggest car park the M25.

The next person I wanted on the shoot was Paul Moss (979). The Moss family supported last year's calendar brilliantly, and with PJ embarking on his massive tour, I thought it only be right to spend a May evening down in Fowey, creating a little bit of Christmas. The models for the shoot were Lucy and Ruth. Lucy was the unfortunate girl from last year, she had been part of the January shoots with the 605 and 835 cars, which had to be scrapped due to poor lighting and mist! So with Lucy and Ruth, the Barista Babes (both work in Starbucks) we set out for Fowey. Lucy picks up the story

"After a long shift at work I was regretting not packing a jumper as Jonny had suggested, instead I opted for a bottle of wine to keep me warm between photos. Ruth and I met Jonny and so the drive began down to the shoot, talking about the outfits, the calendar and the prang he'd had in his car the week before. The prang was played down and wrongly so! After taking control of the music and banging out some old school dance tracks and Eurovision songs, somewhere down a  country road out of no where our vision was completely blocked by ninja squirrels (thats the story we are releasing to the press) smashing the wind screen and forcing us to come to a stand still. After sitting in silence for a few minutes regaining composure we discussed Jonnys "prang" the week before where he then revealed the bonnet was being held down by cable ties!! - This explains the reasoning for the bonnet flying up and smashing the windscreen whilst driving on a twisty, turny country lane. We agreed om the ninja story and reattached the bonnet and continued to the shoot. On arrival the temperature had dropped a good 3-4 degrees and we were freezing. Off me and Ruth tottered to get changed and open the wine with the hope it would warm us up. Jonny had kindly bought 2 dresses off a website for us to wear which were "one size fits all" in this case it was " one size fits Ruth" sitting down to put on my shoes the inner seam split and from then on a little more of the seam came undone with each breath. Not only was I conscious of my breathing ripping the dress, it hardly covered my bum! After half a bottle of wine I simply apologised to the lads for the extra flesh and maneuvered myself into the poses required in this very restricting dress and our heals sinking immediately into the grass. The whole evening we were in giggles and its full of events I will  never forget. Turns out the wine was the best idea I'd had, after the traumatic drive too the shoot and the comical outfit mishaps"

Then after a St Day, I saw the excellent in car video on the Neil Hooper car, once I found the guy whos camera it was, I friended him on Facebook to thank him for the video. I then looked at his work, and lo, he was a fairly good photographer and his missus was fit! Cue Dave and Abi coming on board. With a list of drivers and locations and potential shoot venues, it was always going to be tricky, but Dave got started whilst I sorted a few more things out. First up was a trip to Exmouth for Dave and Abi, to shoot the front cover with Neil Hooper (676) with plenty of excellent shots.

June became a wasted month as I struggled to find models that were available. After enjoying the hospitality of the Issac's team, young Matt's (937) car was chosen to go for a Halloween shoot, including recruiting one of his cousins to shoot on it. Last year's star Alana had been missing in action for the majority of the time, as she had left her jannery shores to head to big city. However she was, like Take That, back for good. So after initially coming for the ride, I got her to come on board, as we dived into Exeter to find something Halloween-ish. Driving into Exeter can be a nightmare, parking even worse. As the girls hit the shops to find something, but to no avail. Exeter's only fancy dress shop was closed, so mass panic, and then I suddenly had a lightbulb moment, Argos sell Batgirl outfits! Punch the code. Only one here. Grrrr, but then the friendly assistant said there was one in Honiton, and it will just going to be a pick up. Boom!
One from my camera, which is shite!

The next big tour included a rather large and bold move. I was aiming to shoot quite a lot of cars over the weekend. Regular trophy girls and one of Mr Brown's girls, Niomie Jade, put me in touch with two young ladies from Holbeach who wanted to do to shoot. Step forward, Emma and April, who were very excited! So with Abi and Alana also goign to lose their Skeg virginity, things were gathering apace. So with 5 girls pencilled in, things couldn't go wrong, could they? Damn right they could, as Niomie, Abi and Alana, pulled out with work and other committments. So with 2 girls, I decided to give it a go. I had arrived early Saturday morning to be greeted by a bunch of drunk janners, and Kat Dawe. I turned up as the party was in its embers, with the bad tidings that my girls wouldn't be there until Sunday. On Sunday, the girls did come, and so did the rain and inclement weather, which saw shoots done under darkened skies. Luke Loveland (120), Tim Bailey (817) and Micky Brennan (968)'s cars were done. Highlights included Mummy Brennan wanting to get involved too! However, the first apologetic attempt of April Showers starring George Macmillan (100) was woeful.....
The following weekend gave us an opportunity to shoot a few more cars at Northampton. On our hitlist was Chris Burgoyne (647) as one of Scotland's top drivers. We thought, he'll be too busy to lend his car before the big race, we'll do it after the European. Cue aerofoil scalping in the big race. Damn, can't shoot that. Then the Pink Meeting at Bristol, which saw Alana there to take on the Thatcher's Gold supplied by meeting sponsor Andy Maidment along with Nathan's car being done again - another car that will always get in for aslong as they want to be on.

With August here, I saw that the following weekend was going to be make or break. The wonderful Timehop told me that all shoots had been completed this time last year, and I had 6 done. Out of 26! So the Batten weekend was going to be make or break. Darren Wade (891) had offered sponsorship, so jumped to the front of the queue. He'd brightened up his motor and made it look immaculate only to the point of being dazzlingly shiny. That was the only shoot done on Saturday. I was left with a problem. Cars were here. Girls, not so. So I took a punt, and asked the regular trophy girls Emily and Kim if they were keen. Thankfully they were! Sunday Morning and after a reasonable nights sleep and drinking session, and the bag of outfits was dropped in the girl's changing room. Madame Starter, Sammy Brenton, thought it was a game of dress up, such was the jumble sale look to the dressing room. As Kim and Emily sorted out their outfits for the Steve Gilbert (542), and got their outfits ready for the oncoming conveyer belt of cars coming onto the track, their friend Kirstin came in, possibly at the wrong time, as Sammy, Emily and Kim cajoled her into getting involved. Kirstin had recently had a bad car accident which had her left with nasty injuries. She threw herself into the shoots. Meanwhile, whilst Gilbert, Wagner, Harley, Speak and Batten's cars were being shot by Dave and Alan Parkinson, Alana, Tom Adcroft (768) and Tom's dad, joined Bart Smeets on the side road behind the pits to shoot her February shoot, with Tom's dad helping the best way he could.

After shoots with the Moodie and Alyward cars had been shot by Dave, and Constable and Aldridge, with Bart and Alana, it was all eyes on the Polleysport towers. George and nephew David, set about soaking Abi and Kirstin, with a tiny Peppa pig bucket, but the boy did good. George also proclaimed he had a new favourite, Kirstin taking over from Steph off last year's calendar!

Shoots away from home included the TMR Girls Helen and Hannah, on both 905 cars. Jacklyn Ellis's shoot was getting delayed as she struggled to find a photographer to take her pictures, and the Racing Doll's wear finding me two girls to go on Dennis. Meanwhile the bad news came from the photographers that reshoots would be needed. Ryan Wadling and Darren Wade's needed reshooting, fairly easy for us westcountry folk to reshoot. However, for Chopper Alyward, it was game over. So another car was needed, step forward James Lindsay (572).

Meanwhile in Scotland, Ashleigh Reid and her Racing Dolls hit the workshops of Dennis Middler (641), however it wasn't plain sailing....
"Dennis told the "Dolls" that the cars were clean but by the end of the shoot the dolls were VERY dirty lol.Shaunnie learned that some impact guns are heavy and she had to ask for a lighter tool lol.. I learned that my girls I cast were tiny as I had to kirby grip the waists on their skirts to hold them up lol"
As both myself and Ashleigh struggled to find the final February shoot, we panicked as time was running out. One bank holiday left, and a St Day. With the drivers chosen, a quick rejig of the months saw us need to take some reshoots. As I counted Abi's shoots where higher than Alana's last year, I needed some fresh faces. That I got with the return of Terri, from last year, and her mate Zoe, who became beach babes, and sexy Santas.
"I loved it! It was such a fun filled experience I would definitely do it again!! It could easily build someones confidence, if they don't mind standing around half naked in the freezing cold with hundreds of on lookers" said Zoe.

At the end of St Day, I went over to Race Control to speak to Sammy. Not only did she tell me her mum had a print shop, and that they could probably turn around in less time and lead up to print. This bought me some time. With pictures from Jac and our Scottish one not yet with us yet and with time rapidly running out, a plan B was hatched with Sammy. She was going to bring her own outfits along, however it absolutely tipped it down. The ok had been passed by steward for us to go on track, helpful when Sammy works there, and the Chris Bradbury car was chosen. Then as Dave and I were on track shooting the pictures, when the phone goes with Jac and her pics, so that solved the pink month. Hang on, isn't Sammy in pink....we need red! So with a quick bit of photoshopping to change the pink to red!

All shoots were now in, and well then the miracle happened. With Spikey's excellent design work, it was over to the printers and with it, many afternoons of work, and stacking and assisting putting it together. For a full list of thank yous.... check the back page of the calendar!

So with a bootfull of calendars and other such paraphernalia, we head to Scotland. I love this years calendar, fruits of plenty of hard labour running around like a headless chicken. Now comes the bit where you come in....

For just £10 you can get your hands on THE stock car calendar of the year, and your money goes to help us tell cancer to do one, and help those who have been ridden with this terrible disease.

See you up the Wall

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

F2WF14 - 4 Days to go.... Raceweek 29. No more laps. Next stop, Scotland!

Well, folks, if your car's not ready, it'll never be as there are now no more laps. Next stop, Friday night up in Scotland...


The last midweek School night Skeg for the summer. After heat wins for Chris Bryan (805) and Ashley England (846), it was the legend that is Jimmy The Wriggle(527), that booked a Red top to show off at Cowdenbeath. The GN was won by Skeg veteran Andrew Spence (557)

So to the Racewall, where in 7 days, it will be all eyes on it. So with front row folks Coleman (615) and Goldin (401) getting some laps in before next weekends golden shindig, it was more a case of marking cards. After heat wins for Chris Burgoyne (647) and Gordon Moodie (7). Indeed it was Moodie who took the final, with a new lap record. Ominous indeed. Robbie Dawson (854)  took the GN.


Many have asked where Marc Fortune (64) has been this season, such has the Scottish youngster 's attendance. He has been dabbling with some banger like action, but with a drive in his F2, he swooped to a faultless double heat and final haul. Paul Prest (49) took a GN win before his WF start.


With the focus of attention being elsewhere in Scotland, the wildlings of the far North had another meeting before the big one slightly south at the Wall. Paul Butcher (189) took full advantage of going up for a week's break taking in some Crimond action. However it was Graham Kelly (721) who took the feature race in dramatic style.


So with one of the many banger "world" titles on offer and Mike Priddle in charge of a cement mixer for most of the week, there where a few new odds and sods on offer to the discerning Toytown punter. But it was the Westcountry's chance to see a few things, with a few surprises. Banger driver Wayne Wadge (920) had the Randall from the Sansom stable that Timmy Farrell had been using, and keeping it in the family, a certain novice took full advantage of Bill Batten's kind offer to drive his car. Speaky was using the 167 car to shake down, perhaps with the option of using it at the Racewall, or not!
So with a decent field, 2 heats and a final was the call of duty. Heat 1 was led away by the fastest man in practice, Matt Stoneman (127) who was flying until the lap boards came out, and then his car started to slow, just as Neil Hooper (676) was pressuring the 127 bumper. Hooper took the win. Heat 2 was led away by Gary Sillifant (627), who came under pressure from the Ryan Wadling (476) bumper, and Sillifant crashed out. Meanwhile behind, Rygor and Speak clashed along with red top "friend" Matt Brewer (206).
Meanwhile, in the consolation, with Mikulla and Rygor in it, it was more than a normal race. However, it was Stoneman that got into the lead early from returning Sy Harraway (83), with Rygor struggling in the TLF car further back.
Final time and all eyes were on the front with a fair amount of yellow tops in the mix. Julian Coombes (828) led them away, but was soon overhauled by the yellow top charge of Mike Rice (438), Jay Tonkin (290), Dale Moon (302) and Tom Clark (575). Rice and Tonkin broke away, and progress was only stopped when Mike Priddle (14) and Sy Harraway (83) clashed, with the latter obviously inspired by "Tumble" as he tried to vault the Priddle car coming out of turn 4. Bedlam followed and Rice became a casualty, and Moon joined in.

Come the restart, Tonkin led from Moon, as Rice's race was curtailed by the incident. Meanwhile, Speak and Bradbury were the first reds to show. The restart saw Bradders pass Speak without incident and swooping then on Moon and Clark. Indeed with the boards coming out, Bradbury took over the lead, Hooper moved up to second, and Tonkin held on for 3rd, Speak just missing the podium. Behind some of the best scrapping for minor places between Stoneman, Mikulla, Rygor and Avery, position changes every corner. Epic stuff!

The GN was led away by Courtney Finnikin (55) and it wasn't until the boards came out that Tom Clark (575) caught up with her as Jamie Avery hit a stationary car and required medical attention. However with plenty of cars in between the leaders and the charging Hooper and Speak, they held on, and Hooper pulled off, bringing Speak up to third and Bradders up to 4th. At 6:40pm, one of the latest finishes at Taunton for quite some time, not helped by lethargic banger drivers and a nasty incident with one of the mini drivers.


Priddle being, Priddle

"Big crash in the final with some funny shit it the pits after it went a bit like boyband Jack Aldridge you made a mess off that prids. me yes but its only a stock car. Sophie Priddle that tyres fucked no probs chuck one on boyband the roll cage has gone over me fuck that get a hammer in to that side panel Jeremy Moss the bonnets not looking to good and the filters hanging off cable ties big hammer soph wing mirror on hmm what do you think boyband it looks brand new PMSL thanks guys top job to get us out in the GN not the best off days but fucking good fun see e all soon"

Well Moodie's looking quick, Bradders looks like he's knows he's gonna crash (even with cheerleaders uniformed up with "Bradder's Wheel Catchers"

Nothing else to discuss here! BRING ON THE WORLD!!!!