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Tonight It's All About


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Friday, 12 September 2014

F2WF14 --- 1 Day to Go

We all know the story of last year
When folk came to Smeatharpe to give em a cheer
The legends of the black mightly crashed
And left with both reputations abashed
George took to the front and it looked all but certain
But spinning Dutchman prematurely closed his curtain
The charge into the corner, as 3 cars went in
The one in third coming out with a grin
The title grabbed by a tiger's pounce
This year will it be two on the bounce?
Cowdenbeath decides for whom the bell tolls
For a crowd more divided than the independence poll
From the ramming of Taunton, to PJ's World Tour
All this Speak Moodie talk is becoming a bore...
For the non ban for Gordon's Donuts
Just fuels the fire for the Anyone Buts
Reputations are made and also fall
When you race around that dreaded wall
So enough of the debate and first corner jokes.
The green flag is down...

Thursday, 11 September 2014

F2WF14 - 3 and 2 days to go - Calendar Stories.....

Friday sees the official launch of the 2015 Jho Brisca F2 Charity Calendar in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support at Cowdenbeath. Last year saw over £1500 raised for this worthy cause, in one of the other talking points of the 2013 World Final Weekend, besides that race, and him and him...

The 2014 calendar has adorned garages, workplaces, kitchens and race controls alike, and well, despite the fact it only had 363 days on it (I'm led to believe that Dorestians don't believe in the 31st March or 30th April).

So if you remember last year had it's trials and tribulations. So you'd think that luck would be kind and that 2015 would be a breeze... yeah right! Last year we were very fortunate with the semi final locations, meaning that any last minute shoots could be done at the semi finals at Bristol. This year, I knew I had to get a better geographical spread and with that geographical problems befell me, being 70 miles from Land's End! So a few roadtrips and photographers needed to be contacted.

With the best of intentions, I set about trying to shoot as much as I could as early as I could. But as you know, the road to hell is paved with them. I was approached by a few ladies who were based around Essex and were willing to go to the Arena Essex and do their thing. Unfortunately, both girls had to pull out at the last minute, saving me a journey on the Britain's biggest car park the M25.

The next person I wanted on the shoot was Paul Moss (979). The Moss family supported last year's calendar brilliantly, and with PJ embarking on his massive tour, I thought it only be right to spend a May evening down in Fowey, creating a little bit of Christmas. The models for the shoot were Lucy and Ruth. Lucy was the unfortunate girl from last year, she had been part of the January shoots with the 605 and 835 cars, which had to be scrapped due to poor lighting and mist! So with Lucy and Ruth, the Barista Babes (both work in Starbucks) we set out for Fowey. Lucy picks up the story

"After a long shift at work I was regretting not packing a jumper as Jonny had suggested, instead I opted for a bottle of wine to keep me warm between photos. Ruth and I met Jonny and so the drive began down to the shoot, talking about the outfits, the calendar and the prang he'd had in his car the week before. The prang was played down and wrongly so! After taking control of the music and banging out some old school dance tracks and Eurovision songs, somewhere down a  country road out of no where our vision was completely blocked by ninja squirrels (thats the story we are releasing to the press) smashing the wind screen and forcing us to come to a stand still. After sitting in silence for a few minutes regaining composure we discussed Jonnys "prang" the week before where he then revealed the bonnet was being held down by cable ties!! - This explains the reasoning for the bonnet flying up and smashing the windscreen whilst driving on a twisty, turny country lane. We agreed om the ninja story and reattached the bonnet and continued to the shoot. On arrival the temperature had dropped a good 3-4 degrees and we were freezing. Off me and Ruth tottered to get changed and open the wine with the hope it would warm us up. Jonny had kindly bought 2 dresses off a website for us to wear which were "one size fits all" in this case it was " one size fits Ruth" sitting down to put on my shoes the inner seam split and from then on a little more of the seam came undone with each breath. Not only was I conscious of my breathing ripping the dress, it hardly covered my bum! After half a bottle of wine I simply apologised to the lads for the extra flesh and maneuvered myself into the poses required in this very restricting dress and our heals sinking immediately into the grass. The whole evening we were in giggles and its full of events I will  never forget. Turns out the wine was the best idea I'd had, after the traumatic drive too the shoot and the comical outfit mishaps"

Then after a St Day, I saw the excellent in car video on the Neil Hooper car, once I found the guy whos camera it was, I friended him on Facebook to thank him for the video. I then looked at his work, and lo, he was a fairly good photographer and his missus was fit! Cue Dave and Abi coming on board. With a list of drivers and locations and potential shoot venues, it was always going to be tricky, but Dave got started whilst I sorted a few more things out. First up was a trip to Exmouth for Dave and Abi, to shoot the front cover with Neil Hooper (676) with plenty of excellent shots.

June became a wasted month as I struggled to find models that were available. After enjoying the hospitality of the Issac's team, young Matt's (937) car was chosen to go for a Halloween shoot, including recruiting one of his cousins to shoot on it. Last year's star Alana had been missing in action for the majority of the time, as she had left her jannery shores to head to big city. However she was, like Take That, back for good. So after initially coming for the ride, I got her to come on board, as we dived into Exeter to find something Halloween-ish. Driving into Exeter can be a nightmare, parking even worse. As the girls hit the shops to find something, but to no avail. Exeter's only fancy dress shop was closed, so mass panic, and then I suddenly had a lightbulb moment, Argos sell Batgirl outfits! Punch the code. Only one here. Grrrr, but then the friendly assistant said there was one in Honiton, and it will just going to be a pick up. Boom!
One from my camera, which is shite!

The next big tour included a rather large and bold move. I was aiming to shoot quite a lot of cars over the weekend. Regular trophy girls and one of Mr Brown's girls, Niomie Jade, put me in touch with two young ladies from Holbeach who wanted to do to shoot. Step forward, Emma and April, who were very excited! So with Abi and Alana also goign to lose their Skeg virginity, things were gathering apace. So with 5 girls pencilled in, things couldn't go wrong, could they? Damn right they could, as Niomie, Abi and Alana, pulled out with work and other committments. So with 2 girls, I decided to give it a go. I had arrived early Saturday morning to be greeted by a bunch of drunk janners, and Kat Dawe. I turned up as the party was in its embers, with the bad tidings that my girls wouldn't be there until Sunday. On Sunday, the girls did come, and so did the rain and inclement weather, which saw shoots done under darkened skies. Luke Loveland (120), Tim Bailey (817) and Micky Brennan (968)'s cars were done. Highlights included Mummy Brennan wanting to get involved too! However, the first apologetic attempt of April Showers starring George Macmillan (100) was woeful.....
The following weekend gave us an opportunity to shoot a few more cars at Northampton. On our hitlist was Chris Burgoyne (647) as one of Scotland's top drivers. We thought, he'll be too busy to lend his car before the big race, we'll do it after the European. Cue aerofoil scalping in the big race. Damn, can't shoot that. Then the Pink Meeting at Bristol, which saw Alana there to take on the Thatcher's Gold supplied by meeting sponsor Andy Maidment along with Nathan's car being done again - another car that will always get in for aslong as they want to be on.

With August here, I saw that the following weekend was going to be make or break. The wonderful Timehop told me that all shoots had been completed this time last year, and I had 6 done. Out of 26! So the Batten weekend was going to be make or break. Darren Wade (891) had offered sponsorship, so jumped to the front of the queue. He'd brightened up his motor and made it look immaculate only to the point of being dazzlingly shiny. That was the only shoot done on Saturday. I was left with a problem. Cars were here. Girls, not so. So I took a punt, and asked the regular trophy girls Emily and Kim if they were keen. Thankfully they were! Sunday Morning and after a reasonable nights sleep and drinking session, and the bag of outfits was dropped in the girl's changing room. Madame Starter, Sammy Brenton, thought it was a game of dress up, such was the jumble sale look to the dressing room. As Kim and Emily sorted out their outfits for the Steve Gilbert (542), and got their outfits ready for the oncoming conveyer belt of cars coming onto the track, their friend Kirstin came in, possibly at the wrong time, as Sammy, Emily and Kim cajoled her into getting involved. Kirstin had recently had a bad car accident which had her left with nasty injuries. She threw herself into the shoots. Meanwhile, whilst Gilbert, Wagner, Harley, Speak and Batten's cars were being shot by Dave and Alan Parkinson, Alana, Tom Adcroft (768) and Tom's dad, joined Bart Smeets on the side road behind the pits to shoot her February shoot, with Tom's dad helping the best way he could.

After shoots with the Moodie and Alyward cars had been shot by Dave, and Constable and Aldridge, with Bart and Alana, it was all eyes on the Polleysport towers. George and nephew David, set about soaking Abi and Kirstin, with a tiny Peppa pig bucket, but the boy did good. George also proclaimed he had a new favourite, Kirstin taking over from Steph off last year's calendar!

Shoots away from home included the TMR Girls Helen and Hannah, on both 905 cars. Jacklyn Ellis's shoot was getting delayed as she struggled to find a photographer to take her pictures, and the Racing Doll's wear finding me two girls to go on Dennis. Meanwhile the bad news came from the photographers that reshoots would be needed. Ryan Wadling and Darren Wade's needed reshooting, fairly easy for us westcountry folk to reshoot. However, for Chopper Alyward, it was game over. So another car was needed, step forward James Lindsay (572).

Meanwhile in Scotland, Ashleigh Reid and her Racing Dolls hit the workshops of Dennis Middler (641), however it wasn't plain sailing....
"Dennis told the "Dolls" that the cars were clean but by the end of the shoot the dolls were VERY dirty lol.Shaunnie learned that some impact guns are heavy and she had to ask for a lighter tool lol.. I learned that my girls I cast were tiny as I had to kirby grip the waists on their skirts to hold them up lol"
As both myself and Ashleigh struggled to find the final February shoot, we panicked as time was running out. One bank holiday left, and a St Day. With the drivers chosen, a quick rejig of the months saw us need to take some reshoots. As I counted Abi's shoots where higher than Alana's last year, I needed some fresh faces. That I got with the return of Terri, from last year, and her mate Zoe, who became beach babes, and sexy Santas.
"I loved it! It was such a fun filled experience I would definitely do it again!! It could easily build someones confidence, if they don't mind standing around half naked in the freezing cold with hundreds of on lookers" said Zoe.

At the end of St Day, I went over to Race Control to speak to Sammy. Not only did she tell me her mum had a print shop, and that they could probably turn around in less time and lead up to print. This bought me some time. With pictures from Jac and our Scottish one not yet with us yet and with time rapidly running out, a plan B was hatched with Sammy. She was going to bring her own outfits along, however it absolutely tipped it down. The ok had been passed by steward for us to go on track, helpful when Sammy works there, and the Chris Bradbury car was chosen. Then as Dave and I were on track shooting the pictures, when the phone goes with Jac and her pics, so that solved the pink month. Hang on, isn't Sammy in pink....we need red! So with a quick bit of photoshopping to change the pink to red!

All shoots were now in, and well then the miracle happened. With Spikey's excellent design work, it was over to the printers and with it, many afternoons of work, and stacking and assisting putting it together. For a full list of thank yous.... check the back page of the calendar!

So with a bootfull of calendars and other such paraphernalia, we head to Scotland. I love this years calendar, fruits of plenty of hard labour running around like a headless chicken. Now comes the bit where you come in....

For just £10 you can get your hands on THE stock car calendar of the year, and your money goes to help us tell cancer to do one, and help those who have been ridden with this terrible disease.

See you up the Wall

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

F2WF14 - 4 Days to go.... Raceweek 29. No more laps. Next stop, Scotland!

Well, folks, if your car's not ready, it'll never be as there are now no more laps. Next stop, Friday night up in Scotland...


The last midweek School night Skeg for the summer. After heat wins for Chris Bryan (805) and Ashley England (846), it was the legend that is Jimmy The Wriggle(527), that booked a Red top to show off at Cowdenbeath. The GN was won by Skeg veteran Andrew Spence (557)

So to the Racewall, where in 7 days, it will be all eyes on it. So with front row folks Coleman (615) and Goldin (401) getting some laps in before next weekends golden shindig, it was more a case of marking cards. After heat wins for Chris Burgoyne (647) and Gordon Moodie (7). Indeed it was Moodie who took the final, with a new lap record. Ominous indeed. Robbie Dawson (854)  took the GN.


Many have asked where Marc Fortune (64) has been this season, such has the Scottish youngster 's attendance. He has been dabbling with some banger like action, but with a drive in his F2, he swooped to a faultless double heat and final haul. Paul Prest (49) took a GN win before his WF start.


With the focus of attention being elsewhere in Scotland, the wildlings of the far North had another meeting before the big one slightly south at the Wall. Paul Butcher (189) took full advantage of going up for a week's break taking in some Crimond action. However it was Graham Kelly (721) who took the feature race in dramatic style.


So with one of the many banger "world" titles on offer and Mike Priddle in charge of a cement mixer for most of the week, there where a few new odds and sods on offer to the discerning Toytown punter. But it was the Westcountry's chance to see a few things, with a few surprises. Banger driver Wayne Wadge (920) had the Randall from the Sansom stable that Timmy Farrell had been using, and keeping it in the family, a certain novice took full advantage of Bill Batten's kind offer to drive his car. Speaky was using the 167 car to shake down, perhaps with the option of using it at the Racewall, or not!
So with a decent field, 2 heats and a final was the call of duty. Heat 1 was led away by the fastest man in practice, Matt Stoneman (127) who was flying until the lap boards came out, and then his car started to slow, just as Neil Hooper (676) was pressuring the 127 bumper. Hooper took the win. Heat 2 was led away by Gary Sillifant (627), who came under pressure from the Ryan Wadling (476) bumper, and Sillifant crashed out. Meanwhile behind, Rygor and Speak clashed along with red top "friend" Matt Brewer (206).
Meanwhile, in the consolation, with Mikulla and Rygor in it, it was more than a normal race. However, it was Stoneman that got into the lead early from returning Sy Harraway (83), with Rygor struggling in the TLF car further back.
Final time and all eyes were on the front with a fair amount of yellow tops in the mix. Julian Coombes (828) led them away, but was soon overhauled by the yellow top charge of Mike Rice (438), Jay Tonkin (290), Dale Moon (302) and Tom Clark (575). Rice and Tonkin broke away, and progress was only stopped when Mike Priddle (14) and Sy Harraway (83) clashed, with the latter obviously inspired by "Tumble" as he tried to vault the Priddle car coming out of turn 4. Bedlam followed and Rice became a casualty, and Moon joined in.

Come the restart, Tonkin led from Moon, as Rice's race was curtailed by the incident. Meanwhile, Speak and Bradbury were the first reds to show. The restart saw Bradders pass Speak without incident and swooping then on Moon and Clark. Indeed with the boards coming out, Bradbury took over the lead, Hooper moved up to second, and Tonkin held on for 3rd, Speak just missing the podium. Behind some of the best scrapping for minor places between Stoneman, Mikulla, Rygor and Avery, position changes every corner. Epic stuff!

The GN was led away by Courtney Finnikin (55) and it wasn't until the boards came out that Tom Clark (575) caught up with her as Jamie Avery hit a stationary car and required medical attention. However with plenty of cars in between the leaders and the charging Hooper and Speak, they held on, and Hooper pulled off, bringing Speak up to third and Bradders up to 4th. At 6:40pm, one of the latest finishes at Taunton for quite some time, not helped by lethargic banger drivers and a nasty incident with one of the mini drivers.


Priddle being, Priddle

"Big crash in the final with some funny shit it the pits after it went a bit like boyband Jack Aldridge you made a mess off that prids. me yes but its only a stock car. Sophie Priddle that tyres fucked no probs chuck one on boyband the roll cage has gone over me fuck that get a hammer in to that side panel Jeremy Moss the bonnets not looking to good and the filters hanging off cable ties big hammer soph wing mirror on hmm what do you think boyband it looks brand new PMSL thanks guys top job to get us out in the GN not the best off days but fucking good fun see e all soon"

Well Moodie's looking quick, Bradders looks like he's knows he's gonna crash (even with cheerleaders uniformed up with "Bradder's Wheel Catchers"

Nothing else to discuss here! BRING ON THE WORLD!!!!

Monday, 8 September 2014

F2WF14 - 5 Days to Go - The Contenders inside

615 Josh Coleman
First Coleman in the World Final since John Thompson
The man who took to the track at Mildenhall finished ahead of many fancied runners.
With very limited tarmac form in recent years however as the result of a bet with Billy Webster, he arrives at the wall with the 226 machine to use. Has been putting in some pre meeting practice aswell. Will be the proudest moment of his career, unless, he wins it!
Will win if... the others hit the self destruct button and he gets away

218 Rob Speak
8 times Brisca F2 World Champion, you name it, he's won it!
Will he, won't he? The man with no real peers when it comes to World Titles could start very much in the Kingmaker position. Leading last year gave him a real buzz and the end result saw him counting the cost of the Moodie assualt and beying for revenge following the destruction of his Elite. Its replacement on the Tarmac hasn't been as good yet, and that if Rob does go for the title, another car has been talked about.
Will win if... he deals with those who are faster than him in the way he knows best.

788 Steve Mallinson
Shale star superstar
Mallinson comes on the grid with his rich shale form paying dividends. Mostly seen on shale, but what many forget is that Mallinson started his career setting the world on fire with tarmac tearups at the likes of Birmingham
Will win if... the ones quicker around him fall by the wayside.

49 Paul Prest
Our man in the North East
Paul Prest has been on of the busiest drivers on the circuits up and down the land. Equally as adept on tarmac as on shale, Prest has been one of the racewinners at both Barford and Buxton in the past. A Top ten finish wouldn't be too far away from the truth.
Will win if... stays out of trouble and those around find it!

136 Kyle Taylor
Shale supremo
Kyle gets on grid for his first world final, and well, goes in with the "in it to win it" attitude despite having limited tarmac experience. Will definately enjoy the moment!
Will win if... he Kruiz's past everyone, and jumps on the brakes

7 Gordon Moodie
Current National Points, British and European Champion. Former World Champion
Starts the race as a slight pre race favourite, down to the side of the grid he is on, despite the grid position. A controversial few months for the Scot has been summed up by his misdemeanours at the Bill Batten Tribute meeting, however no lasting action
Will win if....the "as fast" guys hit the self destruct button and avoids a confrontation.

448 John Wright
Winner of the Mildenhall semi meeting final
Very much a shale driver, he joins the world grid via the medium of having the local knowledge of Mildenhall which got him on the grid. Little is known about his tarmac form, but I'm sure he'll give it a go
Will win if... Shell start fracking under the wall and there's an excess of shale to get rid off

19 Martin Ford
One of the many Fords
Martin is one of the many Fords that frequent the raceways up and down the land. More Fords than Dagenham Motors in F2 at the moment. Whilst he's more happier on the shale, he is no stranger to tarmac, after coming down to Taunton for a drop of the hard stuff.
Will win if... "the first corner plan goes right"

846 Ashley England
Young Gun
Since he made his arrival in fine style by winning the Good Friday meeting at NIR in 2013, England has developed into being one of the drivers to watch, especially at NIR or Skegness. With a rich racing heritage in his family, he certainly could be in the shake up.
Will win if... he can get to the border quickly. England winning in Scotland, there be hellup!

641 Dennis Middler
Quick round the Wall
The Scot set about getting himself on grid for the big one by driving all over. Often wins at least one final a year up at the wall, Dennis is a popular driver and win or lose will be smiling.
Will win if.... he gets his kilt out

Sunday, 7 September 2014

F2WF14 - 6 Days to Go - The Contenders Outside

401 Barry Goldin
Current UK Open Champion and World of Shale Champion. Former World, National Points, European and British Champion.
One of the star drivers on both surfaces this season, Basil certainly has been in the shake up for quite some time. One of the most decorated drivers in Brisca F2, has always had the bad luck in either the semi finals or the big race itself. More than capable, could it be gold no 2 for Goldin?
Will win if.... wife Jo is nowhere near the track....

886 Chris Bradbury
Multi track champion on both surfaces. Twice runner up. Former Points and British Champion.
Been a relatively quiet season for Bradders. Started off with a maximum at the Bristol Qualifier. His form had been hampered with a leg injury sustained his mid season.  A self confessed non lover of Cowdenbeath, he has jokingly said that he will be bringing a Jaguar to race, such is the "demolition darby" nature of the track. Will be looking to make up for last year's unfortunately timed illness.
Will win if... he remembers his Beechams Max Strength Plus.

377 Daz Shaw
Former World of Shale Champion
Early season form saw Shaw go to Superstar. Very much a shale racer, tends not to race on the tar, so will be interesting to see what he turns up with to race with. Indefatigable in approach, so will be interesting to see how he goes.
Will win if... it turns into a DD and there's lot of leftover shale on the car...

100 George Macmillan
5th last year, Former F2 Nationals Champion
The GeoMac story with the world final over the last 2 years has been one of total disaster and emotion. 3rd across the line at Barford but cruel scrutineering robbed him. Leading til one to go last year even more cruel. Would be a very popular and emotional winner, and certainly has the track knowledge.
Will win if.... he keeps his emotion in check and races with a cool head and doesn't run over any black cats on the way in. Or lawnmower a 3 leaf clover.

488 Liam Bentham
Kart track supremo, good on both
The drive of the semi finals to 1. finish with his car in the state it was in come the end and 2. to finish in 5th, the driver has been there are or thereabouts on both surfaces, with more success on the loose stuff.  Dark horse winner.
Will win if.... bedlam in front and he keeps a cool head.

542 Steve Gilbert
Leading the 2014 Novice of The Year
This year's top newbie has had an impressive baptism, jumping from white to superstar (with a week or two at yellow). A first trip on the shale saw an excellent return of 6th, beating his father's record to getting into a world final at the first time of asking. He's going to race and doesn't care too much for reputations, just like his dad, Peter!
Will win if.... he sees off the more experienced in front of him.

995 Michael Lund
Shale specialist, related to John, but not that one
The self confessed shale snail has had a remarkable year on the loose stuff, gaining a superstar grade for the month of May.
Will win if.... an Icelandic volcano produces an ash cloud so big and fierce it turns the Racewall to shale mid race

954 Jamie Beere
Westcountry Yellow Top
Jamie is part of good travelling team of 2nd generation Newton Abbot based drivers. He drives the ex Jamie Avery (126) Motorworld, and has not been too averse to travelling - be it Cowdenbeath or Mildenhall.
Will win if... all ahead lose their heads

560 Luke Wrench
Botherer of the Official Grader - floats between blue and red
Luke often puts in good perfmornaces at his home tracks in the Midlands, with Buxton being his particular stomping ground. Capable and speedy enough to take a win, although likes a jump start or two....
Will win if... someone distracts the steward and he starts the world final during the first heat!

597 Barry Clow
East Coast Dual Surface Driver
Barry qualified by surviving this brutal semi final. Tends to race on both surfaces in his native East Anglia. Will look forward and try and get in a train and pick up the pieces
Will win if... the electromagnets work until the last corner...

Saturday, 6 September 2014

F2WF14 - 7 days to go..... The Foreign Legion and Last Chance

So with the published list of attendees now freely available at, it's time to pencil in the remaining places on the grid, starting with those from foreign climes...

From the land of clogs, space cake and the like come 2 of the big names from the Dutch racing scene, in fact from the two biggest dynasties. H30 Toon Schut and H124 Willie Peeters. Schut remains probably the one of the best drivers never to win the world, having taken several podium places and top 5 positions. Wim Peeters (H124) has already influenced a world final as it was him and Danny van Wamelen (H3) that stopped the Speak/Moodie showdown at King's Lynn.  His dad Willie was the 2005 World Champion, and in the recent World Cup, Peeters Jnr got accustomed with Moodie, causing some fractious exchanges between the two. Be interesting if he lines up Row 9 inside....

From the land of the third leg, comes  Dougie Kinrade (IOM164) and Mark Hargreaves (IOM358), the scene at Onchan is sadly a far flung memory than that of its heydays when the likes of Palmer, Booth and Blundell stalked the tracks.

Then comes the biggest threat from across the Irish Sea. 4 Irishmen, many with experience of the Racewall this year, stand a real chance of taking the title home. Christopher Kincaid (NI312) led the race last year, probably for longer than Rygor did, before falling foul of the infield tyres at Taunton, as part of the Speak/Moodie incident. A race winner at Cowdenbeath this season, certainly has the skills to become a 3rd Irish wearer of the title. Connor Hughes (NI929) also has had some Racewall success this year and is a regular traveler to the mainland for the Speedweekends. Former European Champion Craig McConnell (NI925) also is no mug when it comes to winning, and Sam McKay (NI24) is also back for another crack.

But the most mouth watering prospect, thanks to the slightly random results of the Semi Finals is the Consolation Semi Final on Friday night. Champions and favoured racers are having to go through the last chance, making it a mouth watering grid in itself.

From the west, there is the weary traveler Paul Moss (979), who starts the race of pole. The first two rows are a pixie lock out as last years 3rd place man Neil Hooper (676) takes his palce along side, and Ryan Wadling (476) and Jamie Avery (126) start behind them.

Home support comes in the shape of youngsters Liam Rennie (3). Craig Wallace (16) will be looking to emulate his father's success back in 1988 and 1989. Scotland's Mr Consistent, Robbie Dawson (854) will be one to watch, however, being further back might be a hinderance to his chances of getting through. The man who took gold last time it was held here, Chris Burgoyne (647) has to negotiate a tricky field to get into the big race, but if he does get through, could be in the shake up

Racewall regulars John (722) and Paul (725) Broatch will be there to put the bumper in. Paul looking to get in and go one better than what he did at Barford in 2004.

Other notables include former world champions Micky Brennan (968), Mark Simpson (871) who has a very good record of going through these things. Sam Wagner (823) will be looking to make amends for his poor fortune in the Semi Final, which was cruel luck. Tarmac specialists Kelvyn Whalley (101) and Adam Rubery (700) will both be looking to make progress.

So... get your pencils out and predict... these folk will drinking in the last chance saloon come Friday evening...

Friday, 5 September 2014

F2WF14 .... 8 days to go..... The Champion's Year!

So last year all eye's were on the Taunton World Final. With a dramatic finish, that saw Speak and Moodie clash, GeoMac crash in sight of the 1 to go board, and a the mother of all last bends, it was Westbury-on-Trym's James Rygor (783) who took the title at the death.

It was the culmination of an increased season for Rygor, hitting the dizzying heights of superstar for the first time and then topping it off with the World win.

At the start of 2013, he had all but sold his Randall, and set about looking for something else. After starting the season in a somewhat tatty Motorworld car with a blue roof, he ended the month with flashing lights and the Chris Bradbury tar car to play with.

A good season followed with final wins and the like in the old Bradbuilt car.

With a disastrous semi final which saw him be the car that George Macmillan (100) hitched into when he lost the lead on the last lap of his semi at Bristol, it was apparent that he'd have to go through the consolation semi final.

Come world final night, he took to the consolation semi, his local knowledge playing into his hands, giving him a 3rd place behind Goldin and Hooper.

As the green flag went down, and the hullabaloo that followed, come the post Speak/Moodie moment, Rygor was placed 11th, and ahead, many favoured names. But with bumpers flying everywhere and moving people across going into that fateful last lap, Rygor was 4th. After Aldridge was dispensed with, he stealthily sneaked past the jostling Hooper and Burgoyne, almost ninja like to take the title. Disbelief from all, including James himself who initally thought he was second. However when it was confirmed, the smile became apparent and back in the pits, with family members congratulating all over the shop. Father Mark had the biggest grin going, and grandfather Barry (who himself competed in the 1974 World Final at Wembley) was visible shaking in delight. Girlfriend Tia was absent, with another engagement, gutted to have missed the big day. Many in the crowd weren't aware of Rygor, they certainly were after.

So with the gold roof, an RCE was sought after for season 2014. He found on in the form of Jack Brown's car, which he turned up at Mendips with for the first time the weekend later. He later secured his first track championship, at St Day pipping local Liam Rowe (605) to the track championship.

2014 saw an update to his Bradbury car getting some paint for the first time since its birth. Resplondent in white, gold and blue, the car was shown off at the NEC show, along with a new chassis, bare and ready to go later in the season. The RCE had been sold to Gary Sillifant.

A final win at opening meeting at Taunton signalled his attentions for the season. It also earnt him a champagne shower from Mike Priddle - the meeting sponsor - and taking a win meant he also signalled across the bows that he wasn't going to be "lucky" champion.

Good Friday was certainly a high point with Rygor's gold roof. He certainly announced his intentions with a final win at Northampton, beating the likes of Bradbury and Moodie.

The brand new car was unvieled midway through the season, and the trusted Bradbury car was used to great success. The new TLF took a bit of shaking down and finally appeared towards the end of the season.

James then drove a saloon and a F1 round at the Teng Tools Champions Challenge, sadly not getting to grips with Stuart Shevill's saloon, but looking impressive in the F1. After some impressive results in the heats, the UK Open lasted one corner, in the massive first corner pileup that attributed for a few drivers.

The European at Northampton was very much a race that Rygor could have won. He held Moodie off to the end, however the Scot took the title.
Rygor took the brave decision not to contest the semi finals at Mildenhall. "I don't have a car or experience" was the cry, but the fact of the matter was that he was happy to defend his title from the back.

So what kind of World Champion has he been. He's certainly done a few miles showing off the gold roof and has certainly improved him as a driver. He has always been approachable and has shown that he isn't a one race pony. I'd like to think that this won't be the only title he will win.

So the champ is going off the back. With Cowdenbeath being a survival of the fittest, previous World Finals have seen someone come of the back to be in the shake up come the end. Surely, it can't happen again, can it???

For Rygor, he has certainly answered the question of James Who? His stature as one of the top drivers has certainly been added by this year of gold. He has gone from perennial "purple" top (too good for blue, not good enough for red)

Well done Rygor The Tiger....and good luck....